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hank you for attending this course.

Congratulations on completing the course! I wish you have a wonderful journaling voyage.

You may check out my below journals:

The 90-Day Extraordinary Life Designer

The 90-Day Extraordinary Life Designer System retrains your brain to focus on your true Life Vision and build an Epic Life breaking out of the standards and limiting beliefs imprinted on you by the society.

The 90-day Extraordinary Life Designer uses a Powerful 12- Step Process.

Stop living a mediocre life!

Just spend 10 minutes a day and start to live an extraordinary life in 90 days.

Step 1: Define Your Priorities, Core Values and Dream life through a series of Exercises.

Step 2: Assess Your Life in 12 Life Areas.

Step 3: Create a Powerful Vision for your life.

Step 4: Develop Life Goals aligning with your Life Vision for all 12 categories of Life.

Step 5: Set Your 2018 Goals for all the Life Areas.

Step 6: Break Down Goals into Monthly and Weekly Goals and Take Action.

Step 7: Embrace the attitude of gratitude by Gratitude Journaling.

Step 8: Ensure Your growth and learning on a daily basis through Learning Journal.

Step 9: Enhance your Enjoyment by journaling about the fun you have on a daily life.

Step 10: Build a truly blissful life by noting down the contributions you make to your growth and others.

Step 11: Read Inspirational quotes in the journal section daily to maintain a positive mindset.

Step 12: Review your goals and track your progress on a weekly and monthly basis.

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30 Days of Gratitude

30 Days Of Gratitude is a Gratitude Journal filled with prompts and quotes to encourage you to live a life filled with gratefulness. You will find thirty gratitude prompts help you to recollect your gifts. You will learn to find joy in the smallest things in your life by practicing gratitude.

  • Gratitude Prompts

You will find 30 different gratitude prompts help you to identify the gifts you already have.

  • Picture Pages

30 picture pages to express your gratitude artistically by drawing pictures or sticking images.

  • Gratitude Quotes

You will find quotes that remind you the importance of being grateful through your life.

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